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Living a Life of Abundance . . .

One Little Luxury at a Time

As Coco Chanel said, "There are those who have money, and those who are rich." Being "rich" is more than about wealth. Wealth is important, but it isn't everything. "Rich" is about embracing all those little things that bring abundance and luxury to everyday life. Only then are we truly a 'Richest Mom'.

Why I founded ‘Richest Mom’

As a mother, finding time to unwind, relax, and enjoy each and every moment can be challenging.  I want a place for hard working moms to get tips which can be used as a force multiplier to catapult wealth, promote health, and enjoy a life of abundance.  Nothing too deep … everything within reach.  So have a cup of coffee, tea, or a mimosa, and learn a little, share a lot, and join a community who support each other.

Who is M. A. Haley

I’m just another mom trying to cram as much into each and every day as possible.  

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